Next Litter in August 2019



Please do take note no Breeding will be allowed with my dog there is a contract on Neuter / Spay your pet I only place my puppies in pet homes no Exceptions

A 50% deposit is required to book your puppy.

I will only send out photos of the puppies when puppies are 2 weeks old.

As deposit’s are pay in that’s how puppies will be reserve

first deposit firs pick second deposit second pick and so on

Please do take not no visitor's till puppies are 4 weeks old

and then still i don’t allow new owners to touch puppies as to

                       vaccine have not been done and if one puppy is sick all puppies will be sick                          

I urge you again to please read the policy on our web-page

and other related information (read before you buy)

  so you can make an informed choice about your new future family member.

 Puppies can go home at 9 weeks if we send puppy on plane 10- 11 weeks



Expecting mothers & Due dates

French Bulldog Puppies

We don't have Available French Bulldog puppies                

Next French Bulldog litter  2019 August

French Bulldog puppies will be sold with a breeding restriction and sterilized/neuter contract


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