Quality of our dog's

We only Export dog's that we are 100% sure are of the highest standards and have no defects. Before we dispatch a dog we will send you Photo's via e-mail to ensure you are happy with the dog. Normally photo's of the parents are available on the web site. So far we have a 100% success rate with the export of our dog's. References are available.


 - Risk
 We deliver the dog to the shipping agents at Johannesburg International Airport. From then on the risk of shipping transfer to the buyer.

- Crates
 We make use of size 5 crates which is suitable for 3 large breed pups, we however limit it to 2 pups per crate. puppies are normally shipped just after they've turned 9 weeks.

- Cost
Cost of shipping are paid by buyer.

Return Policy

Due to the fact that these are live animals, no returns will be accepted. We will not be responsible for any vet bills as soon as you take your puppy to your new home the puppy is your responsibility take the puppy to your vet immediately for a check up


No shipping will take place until all costs have been fully paid. Reservation of puppies are subject to 50% deposit of booked puppies by new owner are subject to penalty fee. Only EFT's payments accepted



Puppies are inoculated on 5 and 9 weeks as follows:
 - Canine Distemper -Adenovirus
 - Parvourus vaccine
 - Canine Coronavirus Certificate


All puppies are raised on "Acana Junior" dog food


All dog's are KUSA (kennels Union of South Africa ) registered All the puppies are Micro chipped

Right not to sell a dog

The buyer must prove that He / She will be able to provide a good home for the dog. We reserve the right not to sell a dog if we are not 100% convinced the dog will be cared for and receive lots of love and attention.

What you will reseve when collecting you pup from Esmari 

Vaccination card
Micro chipped
Contract that was drawn up by an Attorney
Health Certificate
Starter pack Toy

French Bulldog

French Bulldog puppies will be sold with a breeding restriction and sterilized/neuter contract in South Africa,Namibia,Windhoek only
I will not make an exception we have imported our dog's and spend a lot of money on them and we feel our bloodlines is very special to us and we do expect you to respect our term's
Esmari Kennel Recommend that you take outpet insurance when you buy a French Bulldog www.medipet.co.za 

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and we will not sell or make available any personal information of our clients to any outside party. We will not use you as a reference without your permission.



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