Esmari Kennel French Bulldogs in Animal Talk, December edition 2012 on page 34 and 35. Our dogs: Voldemort and Elegace. What a amazing and proud moment for us. Here are more about the interview:


"Dear French Bulldog breeders                           

You will have noticed that Animaltalk magazine includes comments from breeders for Dog Breed Profiles.

French Bulldogs are the next breed to be featured (in Animaltalk July 2013), and we'd like your input. Please answer the following questions and let me have your answers by noon on Monday 6 May 2013.

Which five characteristics of the Frenchie do you treasure most?
They love human contact more than any breed  (like a tick on your leg....laugh)
love playing
very alert
very intrigue by human acttivities
and they will do anything to please their owner


What personality traits can our readers expect from a Frenchie?
the same as above

What type of person should NOT own a Frenchie?
people that are not home during the day.
people that travells a lot and people that dont understand the flatnose breed and the complications that comes with the breed.
People who do not allow animals in the house.

Would you recommend Frenchies for families with small children?
No. How small is small because if the child leaves the puppy on a bed or sofa or it can fell while they carry the puppy and serious injury can happen. I recommend from 10 years old.

What do you do to eliminate genetic disorders in your kennel?
Buy from breeders that have had both parents tested agains heart,spinal collum and patella laxation,blue eye genes.

Any suggestions for new Frenchie owners on keeping their dogs stimulated (physically and mentally):
Play a lot and have plenty of time to enjoy their puppy so human quality time is important to socialise

Do Frenchies get on with other pets such as cats?

Is there anything else you think is important about the breed ( care / grooming) that our readers should know about?
Yes the faults that comes with flatnose breeds.

Plse supply us with your first name, surname and kennel name:
Este Dessels
Esmari kennel

Please keep in mind the following (this is the official ‘small print’):

1. We will not necessarily use every single answer you give, due to space issues, but we will endeavour to include
at least one answer from each breeder who sends us answers to the questions above.
2. We will edit your answers for clarity, grammar and length

Thank you"

Johann Theron

News @ Esmari Kennels

AnimalTalk Interview (2)

AnimalTalk Interview (2) AnimalTalk Interview (2)
Esmari Kennel French Bulldogs in Animal Talk, December edition 2012 on page 34 and 35. Our dogs: Voldemort and Elegace. What a amazing and proud moment for us. Here are more about the interview:                                   ...

Show Awards

Show Awards Show Awards

14/07/2018 Championship All Breed Eastern Districts Kennel Club (1)
        Judges: Maria Heneke
Esmari Burn Baby Burn Champion Class First 
  • 1
  • 2
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