Welcome to Esmari's Dream. The home off happy, healthy dogs - bred with care & raised with love

Bulldog's and French Bulldog's are our passion. Breeding is my passion and working to breed healthy puppies. We have imported some of our dog's from the best kennels in Europe and this will help to improof the breed standard and health off the dog's and offsprings. Breeding Quality dogs produce Quality offsprings. It is not possible to breed champions (of high) Quality puppies from pet (or inferior) Quality parents. What you choose to exibit in the showring,reflects on your knowledge about the breed and breed standard. With a good temperament. We strive to follow the Breed standards. That is why we show our dog's at the All Breed's Shows. We have been breeding for years and years now. Have a look around on this page. You can find information about the breed and pictures of our dogs. You can also see what we have been up-to lately on the news page. Furthermore we are aiming at keeping you posted about current or future litters.

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The French Bulldog

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life and his leader. He will be yours, faithfully and until the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
French Bulldog's should not be kenneled they do not strife and get depressed and sickly.
The French Bulldog is quite stubborn and can be a challenge to train, yet also surprisingly sensitive. He remember what he is trained well, and responds good to early, patient and persistent training that utilizes food motivation.
No French Bulldog puppies will be sold for breeding purpose, puppies will be placed in loving homes where they can be part of a family.

Current puppies for sale

Please click here to see our Current French Bulldog puppies

Next French Bulldog litter in October 2019

We  Do have available French Bulldog puppies now 17/08/2019

I do not breed English Bulldog's any more

Why are Bulldogs so expensive?

Bulldogs require special care in extreme climates. You cannot purchase a Bulldog and just let it out into your backyard. First and foremost, you are letting the poor little girl or boy fend, more or less, for itself. Like most breeds of dogs, Bulldogs have a burning desire to be with their owner at all times, and when these emotional needs are not met, they can become frustrated, physically unwell and mentally distraught.  >>Click here to read more...


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